Knaack LLC, maker of professional-grade jobsite storage boxes is lending a helping hand on the production of the long-running PBS home improvement series, "This Old House." The series’ co-host and general contractor, Tom Silva, requested KNAACK jobsite storage boxes for use on two "This Old House" projects under construction for the show’s 2012-2013 season.

One of the current construction projects has Tom Silva and the "This Old House" crew working in tight quarters to renovate a 19th-century home in historic Cambridge, Mass., just outside Boston. With no space for the show’s typical complement of tool and equipment trailers, the series looked to Knaack LLC for jobsite storage chests, cabinets, and field stations that offered both super strength and portability. With key performance attributes like tamper-resistant locks, heavy duty steel construction, and a large selection of styles and sizes, KNAACK storage boxes are the preferred choice of top pros featured on "This Old House."

Knaack LLC supplied a total of five storage boxes for use at the Cambridge house - with episodes beginning to air in October, 2012, and at another renovation project in Essex, Mass., which begin airing in early 2013. Tom Silva specified the KNAACK models that would best suit their needs at both projects, including model 91 STORAGEMASTER Chest with ramp; model 112 JOBMASTER Cabinet with drawers; model 1020 MONSTER BOX Cabinet; model 111 JOBMASTER Cabinet; and the model 119-01 Field Station, which works like a command station and offers over 120 cubic feet of storage. With its thicker steel construction, vault-style hinges, a locking storage hatch, and the WATCHMAN V lock system, the Field Station can hold everything that’s needed daily, but can lock up for secure overnight storage.

KNAACK tool storage options offer unequalled portability, even on busy and crowded construction sites like those seen on the home improvement series. With optional accessories like lift-out tote trays and heavy duty casters, KNAACK jobsite storage equipment makes it easy to move tools and supplies right where they’re needed. All KNAACK storage boxes feature 4-way skid access for ease of moving with a forklift. Even extra-heavy loads of tools and equipment can be lifted safely using the recently introduced CE and OSHA-certified crane lift accessory kits, specifically engineered for KNAACK storage equipment.