CHICAGO — There is so much technology out there these days that at times it can be challenging for contactors to stay abreast of the newest and latest apps and software that will help them run efficient businesses. Plus, once you think you are up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology, something new comes out on the market. Here is a rundown of the latest apps and software that will enable contractors to run more efficient businesses, save money, and have some fun with new technology all at the same time.


Coolfront is a flat rate pricing field app by Profit Strategies. Currently there are approximately 2,000 contractors using Coolfront and running more than 30,000 service calls per month with the app, according to Jim D'Amico, Profit Strategies President.

“Coolfront is the only cloud-based application that provides service-call dispatch, invoicing, flat rate pricing and Quickbooks integration, all for zero-cost,” said D'Amico. “It can be used on any smart device and requires no investment in software and servers. Coolfront truly is one of a kind."

According to D'Amico, there are several reasons why contractors should use Coolfront.

Coolfront was designed as a cloud-based web application, and consequently, it works across virtually all smartphones, tablets and laptops.

“That's important because contractors don't have to buy software or specific devices to use the app,” said D'Amico. “Contractors can use a mix of iOS (Apple) or droid devices with equal success. And Coolfront provides more than 25,000 plumbing, HVAC and electrical flat rate repairs that can be accessed by plumbers, technicians and electricians.”

Plus, service calls are dispatched from the office computer to the field staff by assigning the call to the appropriate person.

“Because Coolfront syncs information in real time, calls are transmitted within seconds from the time they are assigned,” said D'Amico. “Coolfront also works both online and offline. If the field person loses connectivity, Coolfront continues to operate and then syncs back to the office when connectivity is re-estabished.”

Coolfront also builds a work order and invoice and captures the customer's signature right on the device. Repair quotes and invoices can be emailed to the customer right from the field person's device. Last but not least, Coolfront provides a zero-cost flat rate pricing and invoicing system that is not available from any other source."

Just recently, Profit Strategies’ released a free E-book focusing on flat rate pricing and going mobile. The eBook is “It’s All Up From Here!” and is available for free download at The E- book offers an easy read with takeaways on how to grow profits, gain customers and build wealth in a service business. The E-book is written by D’Amico, and takes the reader through a journey of two HVAC contractors who meet at a popular dealer show and share their experiences in the service business. The men spend the day learning about flat rate pricing benefits, the payoff of maintenance agreements and going mobile.