Plumbing leaks can be frustrating for customers to deal with, but they may not pick up the phone for your services every time. However, you may be able to give some friendly reminders to your long-time customers on just how degenerative even a small leak can be.

Laura Firszt of Networx wrote on that plumbing leaks are responsible for 3 trillion gallons of wasted water and $6 billion of property damage each year in the U.S. She shared 12 other facts that customers need to know, including:

·  The consequences of failing to detect or repair a leak in your plumbing are very serious. Wood and drywall can rot, a mold problem may develop, and your home's foundation could be compromised.

·  On the other hand, the cost to take care of a single leak is relatively low, averaging about $225-325 to find and fix it, a sum which may be covered, at least in part, by your homeowner's insurance.

Leaks are easily fixable and easily preventable. Perhaps most importantly for your plumbing business, fixing leaks is also easy money. Educate your clients and let them know you’re there for them once leaks become an issue.