PECULIAR. MO. — The business of rough plumbing is built with cutting-edge products and systems that save labor on the job site. Sioux Chief’s latest corporate video demonstrates its leading products together with its core values of innovation, quality and service, as well as its rich history as an American manufacturer.

Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, produces products that are better, faster and stronger, giving plumbing and mechanical contractors new and better ways of doing things so they can sharpen their business edge.

The company’s most recent corporate video represents its inherent interest in its wholesale distributor customers, the installing contractor and the specifying engineer.

According to the message of the video, Sioux Chief’s innovation, dedication to customer service and longstanding history, have consistently yielded quality invented products that save labor, allowing customers to build their brands with Sioux Chief products and its warranty.

“This newest video is a great synopsis of the values we lean on each day to serve every client with the utmost respect while delivering the best quality product possible,” said Joseph Ismert, president of Sioux Chief.

The video includes a brief biography of Sioux Chief founder, Ed Ismert, who started Sioux Chief in 1957 based on loyalty to customers, dedication to continuous improvement and a family owned dynamic.

The early idea Ismert had was to serve the contractor through manufactured product. This started with a few products and fewer employees. But the idea has grown into one of the largest American plumbing manufacturers that continues to build its own machines to manufacture its offering of more than 7,000 products.