PERRYSVILLE, OHIO — Made-in-America toilets at Mansfield Plumbing stand up to rigorous inspection before leaving the company’s Ohio plant. More than a million toilets are produced each year at the plant. The company generates and recycles millions of pounds of fired scrap and spent plaster molds each year. The broken pieces are used as road aggregate base for landfill roads instead of going into landfill cell areas.

“Our goal is to recycle and reuse as much raw material as possible,” said Ed Tinoco, P.E., environmental engineer at Mansfield Plumbing. “We think about the earth every day at our operations.”


Tinoco explained that Mansfield recycles 100 percent of its fired scrap and plaster mold material during the year, plus 300,000 lb. of cardboard and cartons, 3,900 lb. of paper, 650 lb. of aluminum cans, 2,000 lb. of plastic and 6,000 wooden pallets. The monies received from the recycling of these items goes into a Hardship Fund that helps families of Mansfield employees in their time of need.

The company operates a water conservation program that saves more than 4.5 million gal. of water each year. Employees at the plant are committed to strengthening their water reduction practices with a goal of up to 10 percent reduction in 2017.

Along with being aggressive in recycling hard materials, Mansfield also salvages the waste heat from its kilns and operates with gas consumption about 10 percent lower than industry standards. Additionally, its lighting project saves up to 50 percent of the energy used over the previous lighting system.

“Earth Day is a good time for companies to focus on environmental practices and share their successes,” Tinoco said. “At Mansfield, recycling and reuse are deeply engrained on all of us. Our desire is to run an earth-friendly facility that responsibly supports strong environmental practices.”