UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND — Home Innovation Research Labs, which used to be the NAHB Research Center, has initiated the development of a professional qualifications standard for plumbing fixture replacement technicians, and issued a call for Consensus Committee applications to formally kick off the development effort. Home Innovation is an ANSI-approved standards developer. Home Innovation will act as the secretariat and administrator of the standard development process. Once completed, the standard will be submitted to ANSI for approval.

The Consensus Committee, which is charged with developing the technical requirements of the standard, must include a balanced representation of interests from government, building owners, contractors, product manufacturers, and other affected industry stakeholders that have a specific interest in plumbing fixture replacement and related workforce qualifications.

Interested stakeholders are encouraged to apply to serve on the Consensus Committee. Applications must be submitted online by September 15, 2014.

“ANSI rules for standards development provide checks and balances based on the principles of openness, consensus, balance, and due process,” said Michael Luzier, president and CEO of Home Innovation Research Labs. “With its requisite balance of stakeholders on the Consensus Committee and consideration of the views of all participants, this standard development process will provide an important opportunity to better align workforce qualifications for plumbing fixture replacement with the needs of today’s remodeling and maintenance markets.”

The Consensus Committee will hold two hearings in Washington, D.C., beginning in late 2014 or early 2015. During the meetings, committee members will review the working draft of the standard; propose needed changes; and then consider, discuss, and take formal action on all proposed changes. Once the committee has completed its work, the Professional Qualifications Standard for Plumbing Fixture Replacement Technicians will be submitted to ANSI for approval in 2015.

For a link to the Consensus Committee application, and all future updates on this standard’s development process, visit www.homeinnovation.com/PQ100.

Home Innovation Research Labs, located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is a full-service research, testing, and consulting firm determined to improve the quality, durability, affordability, and environmental performance of single- and multifamily homes and home building products. Founded in 1964 as a subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), our team has been integral in solving many of our client’s most difficult product and technology issues, and helping to introduce innovations in residential construction. Prior to February 12, 2013, the company was known as the NAHB Research Center.