Plumbing contractors likely hear them every day: those myths that sound plausible enough to a customer but might actually end up damaging their system.

Contact Horizon Services, an east coast plumbing business, tried to debunk some famous pluming myths on WPVI-TV’s website. The first myth is that “lemons clean your garbage disposal.”

While running a lemon rind through your garbage disposal may make your drain smell better, it won't actually clean it. To disinfect your garbage disposal, use a cleaning solution that includes a mild soap and warm water.

Before you attempt to use it make sure your garbage disposal is disconnected from its power source. Spray the cleaning solution into the garbage disposal, give it a few minutes to work, and then use a cleaning brush to scrub the disposal itself.

Stop by WPVI-TV’s website to read more myths from Contact Horizon Services and be sure to let your customers know right from wrong on their own plumbing myths.