NOVI, MICH. – BrassCraft Manufacturing is leading the industry by providing customers with need-to-know information on the new federal no-lead law. This law takes effect nationwide January 4, 2014.  A video release entitled, “Leading the No-Lead Wave,” comes on the heels of a recently launched no-lead law landing page on the company’s website as well as a comprehensive national advertising campaign.
The three-minute video provides a quick summary of the Federal Public Law 111-380, which as of Jan. 4, 2014, will prohibit the sale of plumbing fixtures with a wetted surface area containing more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead. This law virtually eliminates the lead content of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings and fixtures intended to convey or dispense water for drinking or cooking.
Patty Stinson, director of product management and innovation, explained, “The video not only does an excellent job of explaining the new law, it provides plumbers and wholesalers with some vital information on how to prepare for the mandate. Included in the video are tips on transitioning to a 100% compliant inventory and ways to stay current with the latest industry developments.” The video is available to view on YouTube and the company’s website, For a quick look at the video, please click here.
To further assist customers in making the transition to no lead as seamless as possible, BrassCraft Manufacturing has published its no-lead catalogs for water supplies, fittings, and gas appliance and water heater connectors well in advance of the 2014 deadline.
In 2009, BrassCraft became one of the first manufacturers to introduce a compliant line of products that met California’s low-lead requirements. BrassCraft is offering a range of no-lead compliant products including brass stops, braided water connectors, water heater connectors and fittings. Each product has packaging that displays a checkmark to designate 100% compliance.