WARWICK, RI.  – When Mayor Scott Avedisian and Councilman Joseph Gallucci visited AquaMotion recently, they congratulated president and owner, Hans Kuster, for bringing innovation, industry and employment to the city of Warwick, Rhode Island.

“We think nothing of flipping a switch and expecting light, heat and hot water,” Avedisian said. “What AquaMotion does is take that to the next level with instant hot water with their AquaMotionHOT systems. The notion of instant hot water is exciting.”

“A family of five, waiting for water to get warm, can waste 15,000 gallons of water a year,” said Kuster. He then showed the two officials some of the assembly process of AquaMotion PSC pumps, which are promoted to be 33% to 54% more efficient than their competitors.

“This is impressive,” said Avedisian.  “Customers save money at every level with products that help consumers generate less wastewater and less energy all while using sustainable products.”

With a patented Green ECO-Cartridge Design, AquaMotion has the only replaceable cartridges that can be removed, flushed and reinstalled or replaced.

“When there is a calcium build-up,” said Kuster “a plumber can simply flush the cartridge or opt to purchase a $50 replacement cartridge rather than replacing the stainless pump at a $300 cost.”

Before AquaMotion, Kuster started and ran Sparco, Inc., also in Warwick for 17 years. Sparco developed 18 U.S. and foreign patents for their innovative products.

AquaMotion produces in the U.S. energy efficient circulators, recirculation systems and ECM pumps.  For more information call 401/785-3000 or visit the company website at AquaMotionHVAC.com. – info@AquaMotionHVAC.com