An inventor in South Korea, Seung-il Kim, created the Pung-too, a plastic film cover that will unclog a toilet bowl. The theory of the plastic film cover is the same as a plunger, using pressure to unclog a toilet.

ABC news, Good Morning America, interviewed Kim about his invention.    

Seung-il Kim, an inventor in South Korea, has made an innovative new toilet unclogger that uses a plastic film to create pressure. The video demonstration of the product has gone viral, with nearly 3 million views on YouTube so far.

"I wondered if there was a better way," inventor Seung-il Kim, 36, told ABC News from South Korea. "It's the same principle as a plunger -- using pressure -- but it creates a lot more pressure than a plunger."

"My hope is that each home across the world will have one of these sanitary products," Kim said.

Since the YouTube video of Kim’s product has gone viral, there is definitely interest in this product. Do you think this product will one day replace the plunger in U.S. households? Let us know at CONTRACTOR’s Plumbing Talk Forum.