Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair Inc., Tempe, Arizona, is CONTRACTOR's Contractor of the Month for December. Find out why we at CONTRACTOR magazine believe Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair Inc. is a top-notch contractor.

1. What makes Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair, Inc. unique when compared to other mechanical contracting companies?

Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair is a service company started by the owners of commercial construction company Alliance Plumbing, Tempe, Arizona. New construction projects are awarded to competent firms with the best prices. Service typically involves sales and advertising. This company was built to offer the same expertise commercial customers expect on large scale projects for ordinary everyday service work. The added advantage we have as a service company is not only can we clear the clogged drains, we can replace all of the drains in an entire building. We offer lasting solutions to plumbing and HVAC whether it’s simple service or complete replacement. Very few in our industry can repair a leaking water line or replace thousands of feet of piping with new.

Specializing in multi-family we have made a name for ourselves as the go to company for large scale improvement projects, and daily service in the Phoenix metro area. Over the last 7 years we have replaced various piping systems in over 5,000 apartment homes. We have also performed large scale commercial replacement projects. The best example is our customer may have a team of six replacing the domestic water piping while a service van shows up to flush a fan coil. Blending new construction project management and competitive pricing with service professionalism is our trademark. We handle these projects turnkey, taking care of design, scheduling and execution. This one stop shop style of work saves our customers time and money. We also are able to accomplish these projects while the buildings remain occupied.

Whether the project is flushing a fan coil, installing a boiler system, or simply a new thermostat we always offer the best solutions to our customers while being mindful of their budget. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence. We have two rules we follow to be successful. Always take care of the customer by being honest, offering a fair price and standing behind your product. The second rule is to take care of our employees. We are only as good as the employee in front of the customer. If they are happy then they will provide better service. If they believe in the company than they will work hard to protect it. We offer careers not jobs. We have found that if you follow these two rules the rest will take care of itself. That is why in the eight years we have been in business we have transformed from two trucks and four employees to 27 trucks and 52 employees. We have accomplished all of this with an advertising budget of less than $10,000 per year. Proving that the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. That is how we have gotten to where we are today, and how we will continue to succeed in the future. Our customers love our work!

2. How many trucks are does Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair, Inc. have? What type of trucks (make and model)?

We have 27 total trucks. The most common is the Ford Transit KUV body style. We also have Chevrolet 2500HD trucks and F150’S

3. What are the most used tools at Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair, Inc.?

Pro press, drain cleaning machines, refrigerant gauges, butt fusion equipment, combustion analyzers and miscellaneous hand tools

4. What equipment is most installed during commercial jobs? 

By far our most popular product over the last four years has been Aquatherm piping. We use this material in all of our HVAC and domestic pipe replacement projects

5. What makes Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair, Inc. a great place to work?

Our team! Whether it’s the owners, management or a new hire apprentice we all share a common purpose and goal. We are truly blessed to have the people we have. They are the key to our success, and inspire us to work harder, and achieve even more every day. So honestly it’s a lot of luck.

We are lucky to have the employees we have here at Alliance Plumbing. Realizing that we work hard to keep our employees happy, and help them grow. We have paid training, bi-weekly meetings and an open door policy to all employees. Our management team works with the employees out in the field as well as in the office. We are a company owned and managed by people who worked in the trade. We are motivated by the success of all of our employees, not by the bottom line.