RICHMOND, CA. -- SunWater Solar has announced the completion of a solar water-heating system installed at a Housing Authority of the City of Alameda building on Park Street in Alameda, California. Designed and built by SunWater Solar, the system will reduce utility bills by meeting up to 70% of the 65-unit building's hot water load. The system is powered by 28 Heliodyne Gobi 410 collectors. A Heliodyne Delta T Pro monitoring device will provide online access to system performance data.

"It's great to see organizations like the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda improving the efficiency and long-term sustainability of their buildings by investing in solar thermal technology," said Justin Weil, president of SunWater Solar. "Solar thermal allows groups that own numerous multi-family buildings to significantly reduce energy costs, which means they can better serve residents."

The Park Street system was recently approved for a $42,785 California Solar Initiative-Thermal (CSI-Thermal) rebate that will help cover the system's $139,000 cost. CSI-Thermal rebates are currently at their highest tier: $12.82 per therm of natural gas offset. SunWater Solar contributed to the development of the CSI-Thermal program and has administered $237,000 in CSI-Thermal rebates on behalf of clients.

"Since the California Public Utilities Commission launched the commercial side of the CSI-Thermal program last October, we've seen a marked increase in the number of contracts we're signing for large-scale systems," said Justin Weil. "Solar thermal makes solid financial sense for commercial buildings with heavy hot water loads, especially considering the high-value rebates currently available."