PORTLAND, ORE. — FLIR Systems just announced new low prices for its FLIR i5 and FLIR i7 thermal imaging cameras. Effective Sept. 1, 2010, the entry level FLIR i5 will retail for $1,595. The FLIR i7 will retail for $1,995. Both models are available now for immediate shipment through authorized FLIR distributors.

Home inspectors, building inspectors, energy audit professionals, plant maintenance technicians, and water damage restoration specialists can use the FLIR i5 and i7 IR cameras to quickly diagnose problems, improve efficiency, and ensure worker safety.

Ergonomically lightweight by design, these thermal imagers offer infrared image quality with 2% thermal accuracy, a 2.8” color display and 80x80 pixel resolution on the FLIR i5 or a RESNET-compliant 120x120 pixel resolution on the FLIR i7. The FLIR i5 offers a center-spot measurement mode and, for extensive analysis of job sites, the FLIR i7 adds two measurement modes: area (minimum/maximum), and isotherm (above/below).

Both IR cameras capture infrared images in FLIR’s patented radiometric JPEG format which permits users to rely on only one image file both for temperature analysis and reporting as well as for easy sharing in e-mails, MSWord documents, etc.