Monona, Wis. — The Apex Group has announced the sale of Main Fire Protection to Dave Jones, owner and president of Dave Jones Plumbing and Heating Inc.

“Main Fire Protection was the last of our operating companies that focused on large, commercial contracts,” said Bruce Bosben, chairman of Apex Group. “Our remaining operating companies are focusing their energies on long-term maintenance contracts in the commercial industry so Main did not fit that business strategy. With the sale to Dave Jones, the employees from Main are joining a very strong industry leader that can package fire protection with their other offerings.”

“For years, we've wanted to offer fire protection to our portfolio, but the circumstances just never lined up like they recently did with Main Fire Protection,” Jones said. “Many of the projects that we work on include a significant portion of fire protection that we can now offer our customers. We're very excited about the acquisition.”

Jones has since renamed the fire protection company “Dave Jones Fire Protection LLC.”

As part of the deal, Dave Jones Plumbing and Heating and Dave Jones Fire Protection will be performing all mechanical work on six development projects slated for Apex properties in the coming years.