BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. — The top 10 performing stocks in the home-building sector gained 52% vs. a gain of 3% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in year-to-date performance through May 23, according to the Home Builder Stock Review, an industry newsletter.

The stocks are listed in the table on pg. 5. A free, 10-page version of this list with graphs and the newsletter’s "featured home-building" stock for the second quarter can be found at

The newsletter cites statistics from the National Association of Home Builders that state the creation of 1,000 single-family homes generates 2,448 full-time jobs in construction and construction-related industries as well as $79.4 million in wages and $42.5 million in combined federal, state, and local tax revenues and fees.

In addition, single-family and multifamily construction and remodeling account for about 4% of the nation’s total economic activity, which in a typical year amounts to more than $230 billion, the newsletter states. A multiplier effect increases the money spent on homes as new home buyers invest an average of $6,500 to furnish, decorate and improve their home within 12 months of purchasing it. About 70% of this is spent on home furnishings and property alterations, according to the Home Builder Stock Review.

Many home-builder stocks are reaching new highs with significant run-ups in the last two years as mortgage interest rates have fallen to historic lows, the newsletter states.

"As builders sell homes faster than they can make them, they are consolidating and gaining efficiencies, which has not gone unnoticed on Wall Street," the newsletter states.

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