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on Dec 26, 2013

I would like to see the Professional improved version from the plumber who achieved the task. I have as well seen some of these DIY as well as "Plumber" done "sculptures" as I call them. The art is the resolve! the simplicity in which can exist as well as the attractive symmetry. With the newer phones having good pix and light, I hope to see some before and after shots from Bill Howe Plumbing or Anderson Plumbing here in SD area.
I offer free advertising on my DIY Plumbing advice website having 4 million views of diy'ers watching "How" to plum. for the local Plumbers like Howe and anderson in return for "the professional resolve" picture of what the professional does and why. The pictures above are proof this DIY stuff has its dangers. I really think that this could be a testament to the consumer and industry. With my videos having saved millions of dollars for home owners, it is only fair to now save them from themselves by offering a clear picture of what should be done. DIY has it's place, but as professional plumbers we limits exist and the dangers for DIY Gone wild! Any takers? greg@ramonasplumber.com or 760-788-2889 Free advertising offered to plumbers who are willing to show the world what plumbers can do.

on Jun 7, 2014

As for the PVC DWV under the kitchen sink, at least they used primer! This is a great thread and I beg more of you to get some pix and post them. Some text with the pix can help ad understanding of just what it actually is if it is unrecognizable as plumbing. I see the P trap in the water heater flexible vent connector is a bit too deep? but at least the reason for a trap is still in use of not allowing gasses to pass!

on Oct 21, 2015

Every time I go to Home Depot to get supplies I always go down the plumbing parts isles. Due, to the fact I like to reminiss about my 38 years I worked as a Journeyman Pipefitter. I always get a kick out the flexible pipe sign they have in the asile. That use to be the standard joke about the hose fitters. To lazy to do it the right way. A hose is only a temporary fix to use in a emergency.

on Nov 25, 2015

As a plumber I get calls that are frantic homeowners with water flowing out a broken pipe. I told a DIY homeowner to turn off the water at the meter, he said he did and water still flowes out. I asked if the house was two storey he said no, I asked for him to send me a phone pix of the meter in the off position so I could tell him wich way to turn the handle and see if he had it really off. What he sent me was a pix of his gas meter! This is why when he removed the angle stop he got wet.
Next day I had a call in late afternoon, a realtor, escrow closed the people had to be out that day, and a toilet stop[ was dripping. I got there on the "poncho hasto", and said on problem, $150 parts & labor, the stop as well as the tank to bowl bolts and probably the spud seal were needing replacing. He replied, "just to tighten the bolts?"
I took a deep breath and wanted to walk away, I was being kind, cheap and fast and he was being a consumer so to speak. I wanted to tell him that, no not to tighten the bolts, but to avoid a flood and water damage as well as meet his couple hour deadline. But I just did the job and left. Likely I will spend an hr. getting paid faxing repeat invoices and begging for my money....

Point is "Just" is a four letter word, and the DIY guy "Just" turned off the wrong meter. So, take a deep breath and take a picture too and share it with your grief and get it off your chest. Thank you for reading.

on Dec 1, 2015

I am working as a plumber at sewer line repair haddonfield NJ.I am responsible for installing repairing and maintaining pipes,fixtures and various other plumbing and distribution of waste water and disposal in proper way.

on Mar 16, 2016

Somebody needs to learn how to read blueprints. Possibly the General contractor needs to step in and be the school yard monitor.

on Jan 5, 2017

You think cuting a single truss out is bad. I worked on a job where the sprinkler fitter's came in after we were done with the floor they were working on. They wanted us to cut a couple of holes in for their 4 pipes in a 8 x 12" steel floor beam. But, being as I did all the burning for the crew I never got the chance to do it for them. So they got the laborers to do it for them. And, what they did is very bad, they cut out the whole web, a big square hole flange to flange, for 4 single 1 1/2" pipes. And, it's holding up a upper concrete floor. You can go through a steel beam, but you have to make round holes, not square.

on Jan 5, 2017

Condensating boilers when they first came out & even though they had a plastic fitting factory installed on the boiler specitied that the rest of the pipe be steel. Didn't make sense to us when we installed them because we knew what was going to happen and it did. But, hey that was the factory specs & if you don't follow specs, there goes the warrenty!

on Feb 8, 2017

Re: the 4" double wye

In your commentary:

"Are you SURE you want to be a plumber?

Some days being a plumber is just plain hard work. This 4" double wye weighs about 150 lb. The plumber on the job had to pull it out from 12' inside a 5' deep tunnel, all by himself.
Thanks to user Havinsman2 on the social media site Reddit for the pic. Now go buy yourself a beer."

After he enjoys that beer and sobers up, I hope he realizes that he's lucky nothing disastrous happened. The work area described is dangerous by anyones standards, and violates OSHA's Confined Spaces regulation. He had no second man (shoring?) and could have become a sad statistic after he was dug out.

And I'd change my Reddit account information with hopes no one tries to backtrack him down!

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