HOUSTON — Liberty County, with its close proximity to Houston, has taken a page from the Energy City’s playbook. The county has partnered with the Way Companies’ Green Solution Team in a bundled energy program to upgrade its lighting and HVAC equipment.

Previously, Liberty was constantly slapped with large ticket repairs. No one was more accustomed to that than Judge McNair.

“The chiller in the jail was running like a 30 year old unit — a money pit,” said McNair. The antiquated and obsolete systems in the jail and courthouse were digging into the budget to the point that something needed to be done.

“We needed to find a more cost effective way to operate,” said Commissioner of Precinct 1, Mike McCarty, about the implementation of the program.

Way Cos. is one of the largest mechanical design/build and energy service contractors in Texas. The company has over 90 years of experience with offices across the Lone Star State. Way’s Green Solution Team helps schools and municipalities upgrade their facilities through guaranteed energy savings.

Andy MacDonald, Way’s sales representative, laid out the promising cost reductions during a presentation to the Commissioners.

“We discovered Liberty County has the potential to reduce energy costs by an additional $2/sq.ft. if the Way Program is implemented,” said MacDonald.

The savings were enough to convince Precinct 4 Commissioner Norman Brown that Way’s program was the solution the county needed.

“What choice does the county have to get these needed upgrades done? Way’s program makes the best sense,” said Commissioner Brown, during the final vote.

The agreement passed, and as a result, the program will drastically reduce the operation and repair costs for the county. Way’s Maintenance Agreement will also extend the life of the existing equipment by ensuring all systems are operating efficiently. County employees will enjoy improved conditions, and at the same time decrease its energy consumption.

Liberty County is projected to save $3 million over the life of the equipment, but the perks don’t just end there because Way will apply for utility rebates and grants on behalf of the County which will continue paving the way for more eco-friendly solutions and savings.

Established in 1918, the Way Cos. is the oldest HVAC Company in Houston. Family owned and operated, Way’s Green Solution Team helps schools and municipalities upgrade their facilities through guaranteed energy savings with no upfront capital. With four locations across Texas, Way Cos. continues to satisfy the customer’s building needs.