Contracting Business, CONTRACTOR’s sister publication and website, recently sent out a truck survey to its readers. Since trucks are always a popular topic for contractors, we decided to share the results of the survey, which looks at HVAC contractors’ truck needs, buying habits, etc.

According to Mike Weil, editorial director of Contracting Business, the survey was web-base, and sent to Contracting Business readers. More than 480 HVAC contractors responded to the survey, and 344 respondents reported being involved in truck/vehicle buying decisions.

The bottom line here is that HVAC contractor fleets are vital and expensive assets that require attention to get the most value for the dollars invested in them. The goal of this study is a comparison of where your company stands against a national average.

Make sure to review the 2014 HVAC Residential and Commercial Service Vehicle Survey results. We are sure you will find this of interest since trucks are a main staple of plumbing companies too!