WEST YARMOUTH, MASS.  — The Cove at Yarmouth was throwing money down the drain with its former hot water heaters. Within an eight to ten year period, the resort was replacing the old tanks at a rate of one to two water heaters per year. Eventually, the resort’s general manager, Michael Edwards, decided it was time to make a change.

The Cove at Yarmouth is a 13-acre resort and opened in 1986. Its 229 suites and townhouses create a high demand for hot water. Each accommodation features two full baths and a kitchen area. The resort’s restaurant, athletic facility with guest bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other common area restrooms all use hot water as well. The buildings on the property occupy 212,000 square feet of space.

When Edwards contacted Murphy's Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing in Cape Cod, the plumbing manager recommended the Eternal hybrid water heater based on its dependability and energy efficiency.

Before the installation, the Cove at Yarmouth had 23 standard 100 gallon, 199,000 BTU hot water tanks. The motivating factor for Edwards to replace the old units was the need for a hot water solution that was more energy efficient.

“The most significant thing is the energy savings. The Eternals equate to a 12% reduction in my energy bill,” said Edwards who added that he is saving $1,400 a month.

The installation included 21 GU195S water heaters and five storage tanks. One of the storage tanks is 80-gallons, and the other four are 120 gallon storage tanks. Designed for residential and commercial applications, the GU195S provides endless hot water, and has a small reserve tank inside to maintain water pressure and avoid temperature fluctuation. With the GU195S, installers can use a single unit or multiple units with additional storage to accommodate large applications that have an unpredictable high demand for hot water.

“It was a seamless installation that went smoothly,” said Service Manager Richard Toma of Murphy's Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing. To learn more about the product and the company, Toma attended an Eternal hybrid water heater training class. To read more about Eternal’s water heater training classes, along with other manufacturer training courses, read the article “Contractor continuing education,” on pg. 20 of this issue, or read the article online at www.Contractormag.com.

Chris Bernier, National Field Manager, Grand Hall USA, made several site visits to the resort location, plus, there were several installation trainings that took place.

“I walked the site and went over what the resort was doing and wanted to achieve,” said Bernier. “We had discussions with the resort management, then they decided to move forward with the Eternal units. The first set was installed in the men’s locker room of the tennis courts, this first installation was somewhat of a test. Then the next one was installed in one of the main buildings. After the install, there was a four-day holiday weekend, and it happened to be the first weekend where there were no no-hot-water calls from guests.”

Besides saving energy, other green initiatives at the resort include the recycling of paper, plastic, and aluminum as well as the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

For more than 30 years Grand Hall, the maker of Eternal hybrid water heaters, has been acknowledged as an innovative manufacturer of gas appliances and components. The U.S. office is in Dallas, Texas, where it has been located since 1985. For more information on Eternal hybrid water heaters, go to www.eternalwaterheater.com.