KOUNTZE, TEXAS — Texas summer usually brings hot weather and high energy bills, but this year the City of Kountze will buck the trend by entering into an Energy Performance Program with major mechanical the Way Cos. (CONTRACTOR ranks the Way Cos. as the country’s 117th largest mechanical with revenues of about $55 million.)

The Way Cos. will completely retrofit the city’s buildings with new equipment. The installations won’t strain the town’s budget, because the program will be a means for the city to fund energy efficient improvements based on the installations’ projected savings.

An audit performed by Way Cos. revealed the city’s budget was drowning by continuing to maintain the antiquated HVAC systems, wastewater equipment and their sanitary lift stations. Kountze’s equipment was found to be around 20-plus years old. The age of equipment factored in Kountze’s increasing operational costs. Continued breakdowns with the city’s infrastructure had become wasteful, unnecessary expenses.

It was also discovered that many of the city’s facilities had outdated lighting systems. This also played a part in higher energy bills. It was clear that Kountze’s repair invoices and the costs to own and operate were escalating due to problematic and unreliable systems.

The City of Kountze was faced with a dilemma — change or continue down the path of inaction. Way Cos. made it easy for the City of Kountze by offering a solution that would replace and upgrade these infrastructure-related systems with no upfront costs.

Way Cos. will be installing energy-efficient HVAC equipment in the library and City Hall. All city buildings will be retrofitted with wireless communicating controls. City Hall, the Police Station, and Courthouse will have their façades renovated and restored. Four municipal lift stations will be completely retrofitted, including extensive energy and infrastructure improvements/upgrades of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The program will save $1.3 million in energy and operational costs over 15 years.

The Texas-based contractor is one of the largest and most experienced mechanical contractors, providing solutions throughout the state of Texas since 1918.