PECULIAR, MO. -- In its participation on World Plumbing Day — March 11, 2013 — Sioux Chief announced that it has sponsored the nonprofit organization Persecution Project Foundation (PPF). By sponsoring several drinking water programs through PPF, including borehole drilling, repair and hygiene training, Sioux Chief invites the plumbing industry to join its sponsorship of such water programs serving victims from the Nuba Mountains conflict in Sudan.

"World Plumbing Day is meant to drive awareness about primarily third-world regions where people suffer from lack of safe drinking water and sanitation. We believe the best way to show our support for World Plumbing Day is to provide safe, clean drinking water to children and families from the Nuba Mountains who have lost everything but their dignity, and who suffer from lack of safe, clean water sources," said Sioux Chief CFO, Dominic Ismert.

“Based on the specific situation in the Darfur/Nuba area of Sudan where people are being badly persecuted, we saw an opportunity for Sioux Chief to participate in World Plumbing Day by sponsoring the repair of wells in the Nuba region.  You first have to have water before you worry about the plumbing aspect,” continued Ismert. The Persecution Project Foundation sends Americans to this region to manage the permanent establishment of wells in regions where displaced people truly have no access to water.  

Since 2006, the Persecution Project Foundation has operated a Safe Water campaign that has drilled 80 wells for refugees and internally displaced persons in Sudan. Additionally, PPF's Safe Water Program funds water purification systems, solar-powered pumps, health and sanitation training and emergency borehole repairs.

“Sioux Chief’s success as a company must manifest itself, where possible, in the form of aid to the neediest of society, youth, especially the underprivileged, the poor, the disabled, and the unborn. Other areas of interest are organizations that aid the elderly, as well as religiously focused educational organizations,” said Ismert.