NORTH SALK LAKE, UTAH — Intermountain Sales & Marketing Inc. is very pleased and excited to introduce its newest addition, Jared C. Kennard, Esq., CSP., to its sales team. Kennard spent several summers here during college and after graduation, was a full-time employee of Intermountain Sales & Marketing Inc. from 2007 to 2009, when he left to attend law school. 

Kennard did well in law school graduating in the top half of his class. He was also on the national moot court team. Immediately after being sworn in as a licensed attorney in the state of Utah, he obtained a job with a boutique law firm in Salt Lake City. The firm’s practice was diverse and Kennard had the opportunity to participate in and manage cases ranging from construction defect to personal injury and family law to criminal law.

Despite his early successes in the legal world, Kennard decided he wanted to return full time to the family business. He has rejoined the team as both in-house counsel and commercial sales, while maintaining a relationship with his former law firm as “Of Counsel.” His intent and desire is to use his education to better the company and make a career and home for himself at Intermountain Sales.