Contracting and Contractor magazines have created the Comfortech Industry Leadership Symposium, which will be held Friday morning, Sept.  20, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (includes a free lunch!). The Symposium is an outstanding opportunity to hear and interact with five top industry manufacturing executives that will serve on a panel before an audience of leading contractors like yourself! Contractors will be able to interact with some of the top manufacturing minds in the industry in a question-and-answer format that will be facilitated by Contracting and Contractor magazines.

This will be the final session of the event, followed by our closing lunch and exciting Harley Davidson motorcycle giveaway to a lucky contractor in attendance!

It works as follows:

• In advance of the event, we will elicit a series of questions on pressing industry issues from our contractor readership – HVAC and hydronics/plumbing firms via, our websites, and our social media outlets.

• We will use the combination of these questions and on-site questions for the exclusive panel.

• In addition, all Comfortech contractor attendees will receive a form in their registration bags so they can provide additional questions prior to the Executive Leadership Forum on Friday.

• We will have five manufacturers, representing the HVAC, hydronics, and plumbing manufacturing sectors of the industry to participate.

Please click or paste the below URL and click on the word “register” to attend Comfortech 2013: