NOVI, MICH. — BrassCraft Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of plumbing products, is releasing Spanish language versions of its most popular 'how-to' and product videos which cover common plumbing installations and highlight the unique features and benefits of BrassCraft products.

"The dynamics of the market, along with the changing demographics of our wholesale customers' base, has created a growing need for easily accessible information in Spanish,” said Debra Lewis, BrassCraft Manufacturing Brand Manager. “BrassCraft Manufacturing supports a Spanish version of our website (, bilingual packaging and installation instructions, so it only makes sense to expand our product support to include videos that speak to this growing market segment."

The U.S. Census reports that the Hispanic population is the nation's largest ethnic or racial minority at 53 million residents – a 58% increase since 1990*.  The U.S. is the 5th largest Spanish speaking nation in the world^, and the plumbing profession mirrors the U.S. population figures. 

"Product videos are one of the top three tools used by professionals across all demographics for product research and selection so we're excited to diversify our video program," added Lewis.

The 14 Spanish-language videos provide straightforward information and are easily accessible at  They also are available on the BrassCraft Manufacturing YouTube Channel at 

Among the new BrassCraft Manufacturing videos now available in Spanish are:

•           How To Install a PEX Valve - Como Instalar Una Valvula Para PEX

•           How to Install a Push Connect Valve - Como Instalar Una Valvula A Presion

•           How To Unclog a Drain Using a BrassCraft® Drum Auger - Como Destapar Un Drenaje con Un Barreno A Tambor de BrassCraft®

•           How To Install a Compression Valve - Como Instalar Una Valvula de Compresion

BrassCraft® products include water supply stops and connectors, gas connectors with the patented Safety+PLUS® excess flow valves, gas ball valves, brass fittings and many more.

Founded in 1946, BrassCraft innovated and perfected the one-piece water supply valve and the flexible water supply tube. Today these products have become the standard for residential and commercial plumbing projects. For more information, please visit