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Hiring job-jumpers: go find yourself a Boomeranger! 
Another group of job-jumpers we should consider are the “boomerangers.” These are people who used to work for you and then got hired by someone else. Time passes, and you have a need for their skills again, so — like a boomerang — they come back.
What’s trending from AHR 2017 
After two days of roaming the two-million-square-foot exhibition space, I felt like my six-inch mind was trying to fit around a seven-inch idea.
The Millennials are coming, the Millennials are coming! 
In the case of the Millennials, 80 million of them are coming. 80 million! It’s the largest single generational block of human beings to ever hit the United States of America.
Benefits of value engineering 
Value engineering is simply a systematic approach to finding a way to accomplish a given goal or task while either reducing costs, if possible, without jeopardizing the quality or increasing the quality without increasing the cost.
Why Millennials are important for the future of your business 
According to U.S. Census Bureau Statistics, Millennials are characterized as the largest of the four generational groups, representing 80 million people. This group will shape the job market for the next three decades.
It’s a “Horse Apiece:” Radiant and forced air in the same room 
The main reason radiant is not gaining market share for houses under 3,000-sq.ft. is the undeniable reality that in order to have both heating and cooling, a radiant system requires two systems in the mechanical room.
The importance of training for industry veterans 
Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same, but get better. — Sydney J. Harris
Failure to launch: the story of radiant heating 
Radiant heating has an outstanding pedigree of design advantages that capitalize on sustainability, unparalleled comfort, increased efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and a host of other advantages over alternative types of heating.

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