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How do you control your radiant comfort system — Pt. 2 
In last month’s column, we discussed individual zoning controls. It is a known fact that the majority of people like a cooler sleeping environment.
Controlling radiant comfort systems 
It's time to discuss more juicy details about radiant comfort delivery systems, including how to control them, which heating/cooling sources are available and so forth.
Radiant ceilings deliver comfort 
In my October article, we began reviewing all of the different typical methods for delivering radiant comfort. This month’s article will focus on my personal favorite, radiant ceilings.
So many panels, so little time... 
As I have shown in the articles over the past year or so, we have many choices above and beyond the well-known radiant floor for delivering excellent radiant comfort, in the heating and cooling modes.
Misconceptions about hydronics, radiant heating 
Every once in a great while it pays to stop and look backward; see where you have been so you can figure out where you are going and make certain you have a plan to complete your journey.
Comfort with commercial radiant heating products  6
In a properly designed and installed system, a radiant heating ceiling system can make all of the difference in the world as it pertains to occupant comfort. Many times, these retrofit heating panels are placed to counter poor system designs and/or controls.
Hydronics Industry Alliance — Commercial’s efforts move forward  1
I am going to take a break from educating our readers about radiant heating and cooling systems to make you aware of a very important effort that has begun.
Grow radiant — commercially available systems — Pt. 2  2
In this month’s column, we will continue looking at some good old American ingenuity and their applicability to these heating and cooling scenarios.
Uniform solar energy hydronics code initiative moves forward 
The IAPMO proposed Uniform Solar Energy Hydronics Code has made its way through the first phases of code development and is now available for any interested party to read.
Grow radiant — commercially available systems
In our previous article, we covered the flexibility of site built radiant ceiling heating systems.
Grow radiant — exploring the Tesmar system 
At the time of construction of my heating system, my choices of radiant ceiling panels available on a commercially readily available basis were extremely limited.
Grow radiant —exploring alternative radiant heating surfaces  1
My first major application of a site built radiant panel heating system was at my home in the mountains.
New Year’s resolution for plumbing contractors: join The Radiant Professionals Alliance 
As an organization, The Radiant Professionals Alliance is in the “rebuild” mode. We are scrubbing all of our previously existing educational presentations and general presentation materials for rebranding under the new RPA logo, developing new online training materials and adding new course materials and instructors for these convenient online training courses, etc.
Radiant heating and cooling ceiling systems for the hydronics contractor 
This is my second column in a series of articles about radiant ceiling heating and cooling systems. My next experience with radiant ceilings was an artistic radiator that I built and installed in my home office basement. It was similar to a panel radiator, except that it was completely made of copper.
Consider ceilings for radiant heating, cooling systems — Pt. 6 
The next series of articles on alternative radiant heating systems is going to be directed towards radiant ceiling heating and cooling systems.

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