Irving L. Blackman

Irving L.
Ask right questions to beat estate tax 
Over the years we have talked to and consulted with hundreds of readers of this column.
Learn how to kill the estate tax monster 
The System guides you — step-by-step — on how to keep every dollar of your wealth in your family.
Lifetime plan will complete estate plan 
An estate-tax killing lifetime plan is asset based. Following are the various strategies that we used to reduce or eliminate the estate tax.
7 Wonders of the estate tax-saving world 
Each of the “Seven Wonders” that follow identifies the asset (or like-kind group of assets) that an estate tax-saving strategy deals with.
How to sell your business to an employee 
Own all or part of a closely held business? Someday the succession plan buzzer will go off.
Make sure your succession plan is successful! 
Sooner or later, like it or not, when you own all or part of a closely held business, you must wrestle with your unique “succession planning problems.”
What keeps this tax planner up at night?
The answer: Mistakes. Actually, mistakes that professional advisors make, causing readers of this column to lose unnecessary dollars to the IRS.
Get a second opinion on estate plan 
This article is the story of the typical owner (Joe) of a family business who decides it is time to get his estate plan done.
Converting your IRA from a tax loser to a tax winner 
We are all dealt the same cards in the tax game, but how you play them determines whether the IRS or you win.
How safe is your family wealth if your child divorces? 
Should the divorce devil start to do its dance, the family asset problem surfaces — big time! Is there a way to protect your family wealth? Yes!
If you own annuities you can still escape 
Why do so many people buy deferred annuities? Because they are charmed by the annuity salesman's standard industry sales pitch.
How to escape the double tax trap of your qualified plan funds 
Raise your hand if you have a significant amount of dollars ($400,000 or more) in a profit-sharing plan, IRA, 401(k) or other qualified plan.
Tax strategies that turn life insurance lemons into lemonade 
Did you ever wonder why the rich buy so much life insurance? The answer is in the numbers: The crazy tax law allows you to multiply a small portion of your wealth into millions of tax-free dollars.
Secret to solving business succession problems 
Sooner or later, every business — whether guided by a well-thought-out plan or forced by circumstances — must replace its leader. Succession Planning (SP) is the name of this game.
Most-used tax strategies in 2014 
Before you start reading this column, let's look back at 2014. Last year is the first year in memory when there was no significant change in the tax law: neither income tax or estate tax.

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