Irving L. Blackman

Irving L.
How to beat IRS double-tax monster ... legally 
Are you lucky enough to be rich (my definition of rich: you are irrevocably in the highest income tax bracket and highest estate tax bracket)?
Family limited partnership is perfect tax-planning strategy 
Do you own investment-type assets? If so, family limited partnerships (FLIPs) are a must-learn tax strategy.
Why so many family business owners fear succession planning 
Some things are downright scary. Try taxes — especially estate taxes. Can you guess what area in estate tax planning causes the most anguish? Hands down it’s business succession.
How to create tax-free wealth while beating up the IRS — legally 
This article is about a new and unique concept called the Comprehensive Tax Plan (CTP for short.)
How business owners can avoid the life insurance tax trap
The easiest way for a successful business owner to create tax-free wealth is by the proper use of life insurance.
How to keep retirement plan dollars away from IRS 
For most Americans, retirement planning revolves around qualified plans (for example, IRA, 401(k), a profit-sharing plan and the like).
Killing the estate tax monster ... legally 
Over the years our System evolved to focus on keeping all of a client’s wealth. Because our System keeps all of your wealth in your family, it automatically kills the estate tax.
Estate planning basics 
It happens about two times a week, at least over 100 times a year. What? A reader of this column calls me with an estate planning question...
You too can enrich your family, instead of the IRS 
In a way the strategies are secrets, because few professionals know they exist, and if they do, have no idea how to implement them.
Solving succession planning problems 
Do you own or run a family business? A business you want to continue after your leadership ends...
10 Ways to win the estate tax game 
While speaking at a recent seminar “Tax Secrets of the Wealthy” one of the business owners jokingly asked me, “Irv, do you have a Top 10 list?”
Ask right questions to beat estate tax 
Over the years we have talked to and consulted with hundreds of readers of this column.
Learn how to kill the estate tax monster 
The System guides you — step-by-step — on how to keep every dollar of your wealth in your family.
Lifetime plan will complete estate plan 
An estate-tax killing lifetime plan is asset based. Following are the various strategies that we used to reduce or eliminate the estate tax.
7 Wonders of the estate tax-saving world 
Each of the “Seven Wonders” that follow identifies the asset (or like-kind group of assets) that an estate tax-saving strategy deals with.

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