Dave Yates

Tanks for the memories  1
If sales of high-efficiency tankless water heaters are an indicator, then the economy is definitely rebounding.
No heat loss calculation? No work for you! 
She says, “I just spoke with a very nice woman in your office. We are trying to get a new hot water boiler. We have had three contractors out to give us bids."
I can’t drive 55
Neither can Sammy Hagar, but he wasn’t talking about water heaters.
For contractors, a domestic hot water conundrum
Thirty years ago, oil boilers typically incorporated a DHW coil and were set up to run 24/7/365. Poorly insulated, the mechanical room often doubled as a warm place to proof dough for bread baking. I can close my eyes and smell that wonderful odor from Mom’s large bowl of rising dough.
Contractor's customers still shocked about last year's electric bills 2
Her name was Elizabeth. It was immediately obvious she was mad as hell! "I want to know why I just got an electric bill for more than $1,500. The electric company says it was my heating system. You need to get someone over here right away and fix this thing. And, I want to know how much you will charge me before you send someone because I'm a widow and I won't stand for being ripped off."
What to do when a customer wants to switch from oil to propane  1
“Dave, we would like a price to have our oil boiler replaced with a propane furnace in order to reduce our energy costs.”
Selling whole house generators? 
Stormy weather ahead! Question: What’s the No. 1 problem that causes home generators to lock out or underperform? Read on for the answer my friends.
Walking into a worst-case mechanical system
Work for any lawyers? Do so with eyes wide open! I stepped into a potential minefield recently when a local lawyer asked me to check his HVAC zoning system to see if it could be put back in service.
Flat panel radiators provide home with radiant comfort  2
“My wife and I would like you to visit our home to see if there’s anything that can be done to provide us with some comfort. We’ve been told the issues can’t be resolved.”
Plan for success with radiant systems 
In 1993, I knew enough about hydronics, and, servicing 1940s era radiant heating systems, to know I wanted our new home to be bathed in luxurious radiantly heated comfort.
Tankless water heaters? Quiet as a church mouse  1
Working for churches is an interesting journey.
Pay it forward -- ‘Les is more’ 
Without hesitating: define outstanding customer service (OCS). Can that be relayed to your customers in writing or is it simply that the actions behind OCS speak louder than words?
The Plumbing Industry’s Common SenseStandard of Care  1
Is there a standard of care in the plumbing industry? We learn at our mother’s knee (and my mother was no exception): “Wipe your feet or take off your shoes!” She had worked hard to keep our home clean.
Making a smart investment in energy  68
“My air conditioning has died, it’s almost 90°F on the first floor, and I need help!”
Danger lurks: be careful my friends 
Mechanical contractors face dangers both obvious and hidden on a daily basis.

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