Dave Yates

OSHA — Contractors and confined space 
With the new OSHA regs pending, it was time to get recertified and trained. From my perspective, that meant seeking out independent outside training and passing a written test.
Feeling trapped over a missing condensate trap 
You’d have assumed I shot the guy’s dog! Man he was ticked off at me and all this over a missing component in his HVAC system that I had detailed in my inspection report for the pending sale of their home.
Time is money 
In 2003, while attending ISH in Frankfurt, Germany, I saw numerous innovative products that impressed me with their potential to save installation-time.
Twinning water heaters  2
Twinning water heaters can be relatively easy to accomplish if you pay attention to how the water lines are piped.
A plumber turned inspector? 
A friendly competitor remarked,“Dave, you should become an inspector. Because you know the code, and I believe you’d be fair and even-handed while enforcing the code.”
Reflections on ISH, Germany and U.S. DOE 
Why is the U.S. still lagging so far behind in these areas? Government regulations play a huge role.
Quieting a noisy oil burner  1
As I'm sitting here, I noticed that the boiler also cycles on and off continuously during the bitter cold weather. Bad sign! So I'm guessing (too late) that it wasn't properly sized...
Contractor businesses profit from mathematics 
A career in the trades led to night school where math once again reared its ugly head. However, this time the math had real meaning and led to resolving real-world problems. Over time, math also led to higher profits.
Snow-melt system challenges 
I am indebted to the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) for the training that enables me to provide professional designs and installations for hydronic and electric snow-melt systems.
In harm’s way: The customer's preferred option may not always be best 
Five years ago, I visited a home to find out why they were not able to maintain 68°F during colder weather.
Tanks for the memories  1
If sales of high-efficiency tankless water heaters are an indicator, then the economy is definitely rebounding.
No heat loss calculation? No work for you! 
She says, “I just spoke with a very nice woman in your office. We are trying to get a new hot water boiler. We have had three contractors out to give us bids."
I can’t drive 55
Neither can Sammy Hagar, but he wasn’t talking about water heaters.
For contractors, a domestic hot water conundrum
Thirty years ago, oil boilers typically incorporated a DHW coil and were set up to run 24/7/365. Poorly insulated, the mechanical room often doubled as a warm place to proof dough for bread baking. I can close my eyes and smell that wonderful odor from Mom’s large bowl of rising dough.
Contractor's customers still shocked about last year's electric bills 2
Her name was Elizabeth. It was immediately obvious she was mad as hell! "I want to know why I just got an electric bill for more than $1,500. The electric company says it was my heating system. You need to get someone over here right away and fix this thing. And, I want to know how much you will charge me before you send someone because I'm a widow and I won't stand for being ripped off."

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