Dave Yates

Jetting drain lines — an art form 
Professional drain cleaning is an art unto itself.
Mastering the outdoor reset curve 
Does it make any sense to install hot water boilers that are sized to match design-day ambient outdoor air temperatures?
Technology and the perfect storm  1
At the recent AHR Expo convention in Orlando, technology was a prominent feature built into virtually all of the products on display.
Flint water crisis: lead is dead 
As plumbers we have been exposed to lead products for our entire careers and will continue to be exposed to lead. It is our responsibility to ensure we protect the health of our customers.
Warning — online price shopper ahead 
This guy was a true one percenter if ever there was one. You know: where 1% of the customers provide 99% of the problems you’ll have to deal with.
Recruiting future employees 
Marco Rubio made this comment during the republican debate: "For the life of me I don’t know why we have stigmatized vocational education.”
7 Steps to get rid of sewer flies 
Lifting the water closet to replace the gasket allowed a dozen sewer flies to take flight! Nasty looking buggers and the homeowners groaned, “We can’t seem to get rid of those pests...”
Plumbing tales: Raid saves the day 
...The tenant started to move the dishes, which caused a stampede of cockroaches streaming out of the sink!
OSHA — Contractors and confined space 
With the new OSHA regs pending, it was time to get recertified and trained. From my perspective, that meant seeking out independent outside training and passing a written test.
Feeling trapped over a missing condensate trap 
You’d have assumed I shot the guy’s dog! Man he was ticked off at me and all this over a missing component in his HVAC system that I had detailed in my inspection report for the pending sale of their home.
Time is money 
In 2003, while attending ISH in Frankfurt, Germany, I saw numerous innovative products that impressed me with their potential to save installation-time.
Twinning water heaters  2
Twinning water heaters can be relatively easy to accomplish if you pay attention to how the water lines are piped.
A plumber turned inspector? 
A friendly competitor remarked,“Dave, you should become an inspector. Because you know the code, and I believe you’d be fair and even-handed while enforcing the code.”
Reflections on ISH, Germany and U.S. DOE 
Why is the U.S. still lagging so far behind in these areas? Government regulations play a huge role.
Quieting a noisy oil burner  1
As I'm sitting here, I noticed that the boiler also cycles on and off continuously during the bitter cold weather. Bad sign! So I'm guessing (too late) that it wasn't properly sized...

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