LAS VEGAS — The final day of AHR Expo was another productive day for the staff of CONTRACTOR — editors continued to visit booths to find out what are the most innovative products on the market in 2017 (here’s a rundown of a few of our favorite products). Also, stay tuned for our entire coverage of the show via the AHR 2017 Product Round-up article.  

The Emerson 80 Series thermostats are the perfect fit for every application with universal, heat pump and conventional models. The non-programmable thermostat meets the basic needs of homeowners and easy-to-use programmable models provide flexibility and saves up to 30 percent on HVAC energy costs for homeowners. The standard footprint and universal back plate makes replacements and upgrades easier than ever without leaving visible marks on the wall from the old thermostat.

The 80 Series thermostats fit every customer and include these features: easy installation with a built-in level and universal back plate; quick set-up with intuitive menus that are consistent across all models; modern design with easy-to-read 5” screen with a bright backlit display; temperature limits and keypad lockout are standard on every model; selectable programming allows the homeowner to choose 7 Day, 5+1+1 or non-programmable modes; auto changeover, filter change reminders and dual fuel control on select models; reliable +/-1° temperature accuracy for precision control; and proven performance built on 125 years of experience.

Also at the Emerson booth, the latest generation of its Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor was featured. The new compressor will include an expansion in the capacity range up to 10 HP and will offer comfort and efficiency at an affordable price. The Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor has been redesigned for improved performance and reliability in residential and commercial air conditioning systems with an offering to support 1.5 to 10 ton systems. 

“The Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor provides contractors with an ideal way to help homeowners get the comfort and efficiency they want at an accessible price,” said Joe Linsenmeyer, director marketing, residential air conditioning for Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solutions platform. “And in commercial applications, this compressor will help facility managers meet the 2018 rooftop efficiency regulations at an affordable cost.”

Emerson designed the latest generation of this technology to operate at ~65 percent capacity, delivering efficiency gains in full-load of up to 5 percent and up to 5 percent more efficiency in part-load. These improvements are enabling affordable solutions for OEMs in 15/16 SEER applications allowing OEMs to more easily meet CEE tiers, while also providing additional comfort benefits such as better humidity and temperature control.

At the Bell & Gossett (B&G) booth, a Xylem brand, featured the updated intelligent pump controller and variable frequency drive. The TECHNOLOGIC series is an intelligent pump controller with two advanced controller functions including a Start-Up Genie engineered to reduce on-site setup and configuration time by 50 percent, and an electrically controlled bypass for a range of hydronic HVAC system applications. The TECHNOLOGIC Start-Up Genie guides users through quick and easy commissioning, with its 10 preconfigured applications, preset pump protections and input/output options. Set-up time is approximately 15 minutes, compared to 45 minutes for similar products.

A bypass option is available with electronic control to ensure uninterrupted operation of the HVAC system by keeping the rotating equipment running. It also has the ability to alter hydraulic performance to maintain constant system pressure. This bundled offering of hydraulics and controls ensures a single point of contact and ease of service — a critical factor in specification.  

At the Victaulic booth, the world’s first grooved Installation-Ready fittings were featured. Designed for grooved copper tubing, the fittings integrate Installation-Ready couplings into the cast fitting housings at each connection point, resulting in faster and simpler piping system installation and maintenance, while improving safety and efficiency on jobsites.

Combining the simplicity of the QuickVic Style 607 Rigid Coupling with the convenience of a one-piece fitting, Victaulic Installation-Ready fittings reduce installation time and enable quick, simple maintenance. Grooved copper tubing and accessories are easily joined to the fitting by simply pushing the tubing or accessory into the fitting outlet and tightening the pre-installed bolts and nuts. Should maintenance or system retrofit become necessary, the fittings can be removed and reinstalled as needed without having to cut into the copper tubing.

The fittings can be installed without heat or flame, and during assembly, no fumes are produced, minimizing any potential risk to personnel and/or property. Installation-Ready technology features no loose parts that can be dropped or lost. By integrating three or four separate parts, the fittings reduce hardware needs, as well as jobsite inventory.

“Victaulic Installation-Ready couplings have changed how the industry thinks about grooved piping systems since they were introduced in 2005,” said Susan Schierwagen, Victaulic’s Director of Coupling and Suppression Systems. “Installation-Ready™ fittings are the next logical step in the evolution of the technology, and they provide our customers absolute confidence of not only faster, easier and safer installation, but also reliable operation.”